Yue Yue Victim of Hit and run : a portrait of public morality china

China commotion by the events that showed the collapse of morality and social care community to help others.

A video showing Yue Yue, two-year-old children who are victims of hit and run, one person is left without any help from 18 people who know of this incident.

Yue Yue finally rescued by a scavenger, person-to-19 who knew of this incident, to then get treatment at home sakit.Peristiwa occurred in Foshan City, Guangzhou, on Thursday (13/10).

Until yesterday, Yue Yue is still being treated in hospital emergency unit of the local military. Yue Yue in critical condition after suffering severe bleeding. In the latest development, the China Daily reported Yue Yue has been able to breathe with the help of tools. However, his breath still looks very weak. Pulse rate and blood pressure has stabilized.

In daily life in the hospital, Yue Yue tuanya.Kabar accompanied the two men who delivered the bad doctors, which regulates brain nerve reflexes in the Yue Yue damaged. Her pupils were also unable to react when he saw the light. CCTV cameras showed Yue Yue colored putih.Kemudian hit by a car, the boy was hit again by another car. Surprisingly, Yue Yue actually condoned by 18 people passing by over seven minutes long that at last there is a scavenger kindly providing help.

Impressions were circulated to all corners of the citizens also claimed China.Sebagian wonder why no one was helping a child who was seriously injured. It’s a human tragedy that pierced the hearts of the people in China. Various public comments criticizing the figures that pass without help Yue Yue. “What happened to morality? Where’s the sympathy that should be raised? How can humans be more cruel than cold-blooded animals? These questions floated into the public sphere in China. The public was flattering Xianmei Chen, a woman who every day work as scavengers that ultimately helped Yue Yue.

Direct government assistance worth 25,000 yuan or USD3.800 (Rp33 million) to Chen as reciprocation. “I do not think anything at the moment to help Yue. I just want to save the boy, “said Chen. Chen claims will not receive prize money from the government. Good-hearted woman was denied her search for popularity when it refused the gift. “I plan to donate money to help care costs Yue,” he said sincerely.

While Yue Yue’s mother claimed not to understand the attitude of people passing by on jalanan.Tapi, he remained positive thinking. “What did Chen represents the best of human nature. He’s the best among us, “she told Chen was quoted as saying by CNN. The two drivers who hit Yue Yue successfully identified. Both were also arrested. They have expressed an apology to publik.Dilaporkan that the first driver who hit a low Yue Yue breakup with his girlfriend. When menabrakYueYue, the driver was on the phone.

Since video Yue Yue distributed via the Internet, many people blame the party passing by on the street. Among those who let Yue Yue, there is a reasonable fear when she saw blood splattered on the street. He also did not help Yue Yue. The woman believed that Yue Yue playing injured and not know that he was hit by a car. A shopkeeper who look at the video and do not give help also blamed by its customers due to the incident.

In the video, the waiter was seen walking around his shop and saw Yue.Namun, clerk pleaded not see the boy. “I swear to God, if I see that boy, I’ll die in front of your face,” he said. A motorcyclist Yue just avoid being injured. He claimed to be too dark when itu.Dia also convinced that the sound of crying was not from the street, but from the direction of the store. Yue Yue video watched by millions of people in China.

The video was uploaded on social media kali.Di Youku and accessible to millions of social media sites Sina Weibo, 4.5 million users to discuss the incident status Yue.Mereka create an online campaign “StopApatis”


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